Wood Pellet Boiler – BURNiT PelleBurn NES

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Wood Pellet boiler “BURNiT PelleBurn”. A robust and reliable boiler with high efficiency rates. It comes as a package with a 500 Litre hopper.

The mantel fully covers the combustion chamber

Fuel hopper included

Efficiency rate reaching 91% (and can reach up to 96%)
Available sizes: 15 kW, 25 kW and 40 kW

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Burnit Boilers Product Features

  • Fully automated operation, hi-tech design
  • Two fans assist the combustion process
  • Automatic self-cleaning mechanism, including automatic ash removal
  • Fuel hopper with alternative mounting on the left or right side of the boiler
  • Convenient door
  • Ash tray, large enough for soot and ash
  • Exhaust gas sensor
  • CPU controller with LED display for precise handling of the combustion
  • Safety devices:
  • The CPU controller alerts in case of abnormal temperature rise
  • STB thermostat reacts to increased operating temperature and shuts down the fan.


This wood pellet boiler is made in Bulgaria by New Energy Systems Ltd. The company had made assembly parts for other manufacturers – this consisted of parts such as water jackets. Whilst these were high quality the company wanted to produce their own wood pellet boilers. This complemented their other products that included buffer tanks of all sizes e.g. 500l, 1000l, 2000l.

The original boiler, whilst solidly made, has been much improved to suit both the UK tradesman (easier to fit and service), and now includes some of the features that you find on more expensive Austrian or German boilers with the benefit of keeping a competitive price.

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