Wood Pellet Silos

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Want To Buy Wood Pellets In Bulk And Save Money?

Wood Pellet Silos are easy to assemble, cost effective solutions for Wood Pellet Boiler Installations, needing a clean, dry storage system. Coupled with an Auger or Vacuum system enabling automatic filling of the boiler on demand. This reduces time spent constantly feeding the boiler and offers the financial benefits of buying in bulk.

Wood Pellet Silos – SuperSilo Model Range:

Super Silo

SuperSilo Advantages include:

=> Can be installed at a considerable distance from the boiler.
=> Does not usually require any kind of groundwork – a base capable of supporting the weight of the silo plus pellets is all that is required.
=> Simple and quick assembly – most silos can be assembled in under an hour.
=> Collapsible.
=> Capacity can be seen at a glance.
=> Portable.
=> Available in large range of sizes – please see below:

Mini Wood Pellets Silo – 0.35 – 0.62 tonnes

Ideal for small spaces. It does not have a filling cap to allow for manual filling.

Stove Wood Pellets Silo – 1.5 – 2.0 tonnes.

Benefit from small bulk deliveries and is designed to discharge into a hand bucket for feeding smaller boilers and stoves – ideal for locating in a garage or shed.

Eco Wood Pellet Silos – 0.7 – 3.0 tonnes

Eco Wood Pellet Silos

Eco Wood Pellet Silos – Wooden structure with galvanized joints

Its wooden structure gives it a robust and modern look, while preserving the ecological idea of using wood. Each silo includes pneumatic filling port and a 2-year guarantee and an assembly manual.

Super Wood Pellet Silo – 0.7 – 6.9 tonnes

Quick and easy assembly, not requiring specific screws or tools, just 30 minutes and an Allen key. Each silo includes pneumatic filling system, a 2-year guarantee and an assembly manual.

Mega Wood Pellet Silos – 1.8 – 5.0 tonnes

Features the same heavy duty construction as the Super Silo, but with a flatter underside to maximise capacity with a smaller footprint. A vibration unit built into the extraction shakes pellets to the centre ensuring a constant reliable feed even when the silo is nearly empty. Each silo includes pneumatic filling tube with connector, a 2-year guarantee and an assembly manual.

Out Door Cover for Super Silo

Convert your SuperSilo to an outdoor Wood Pellet Silo.

Out Door Cover for Super Silo

A system to protect outdoor silos against atmospheric conditions (rain, snow etc). Includes PVC cover, an extra structure of galvanized steel to install the cover, and an extra pipe to allow the pneumatic filling of the silo.

*silo not included.

We can custom-build your silo!

If you have a requirement for a silo to fit in an unusual space such as a rectangular or height restricted area, please contact us. As almost all of our silos are handmade to order, a custom built silo may be easier and less expensive than you might think.

Contact us for a Price List or Brochure.

Alternative Fabric Silos

Becoming increasingly popular and cost effective.

Fabric Wood Pellet Silo

4.0 Ton Fabric Wood Pellet Silo

Extra Large Silos

Custom made orders also accepted – please call 01225 580401 or email HERE

wood pellet store

14.0 tonne wood pellet store with a fully automatic dual feed flexible auger system to feed two boilers.

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