MCZ Wood Pellet Boilers

Wood pellet boilers from MCZ have been designed to look good in a living environment. The standard boiler ranges from 10 kW to 24 kW which covers the majority of the standard homes in the UK.

All their boilers are MCS accredited, affordable, and for those in the Wiltshire area, you can see examples of the boilers at the National Self Build and Innovation Centre.

Wood Pellet Boiler MCZ musa

MCZ Musa

For instance the Musa (above) can heat a house up to 550 cubic metres in size.

Their wood pellet boilers tend to be differentiated on finishings. The Musa is finished in black above, but could be finished with red, silver, or white side panels.

Other wood pellet boilers are finished in ceramic or painted metal as above.

Wood Pellet Boiler MCZ Club

MCZ Club

These wood pellet boilers for living areas provided by MCZ and installed by Wood Pellet Solutions in the Wiltshire and surrounding areas. For more information contact us

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