Gasification log boiler – Pyroburn Lambda

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Log boilers are potentially a difficult area for analysis. Wood can burn in a stove, or simple log burner, however it is possible that the heat may go up the chimney and there are some emissions that may not be helpful in giving a cleaner air quality.

The gasification process The wood in the primary burning chamber is fired in a low-oxygen environment reaching about 580°С. It starts degrading to a combustible gas of carbon compounds which is directed to the orifice of the secondary combustion chamber. There, the gas is enriched with secondary air and ignites to reach temperature of up to 1200°C.

Before leaving the boiler body, the gas passes through a flue with built-in spiral turbulators where it gives away its heat to the water mantle and cools down to 150°С. Thanks to the wood gasification principle the fuel is most efficiently consumed with minimum carbon emissions and ash. Efficiencies of over 90 percent can be reached, whereas a standard log burner may be in the region of 75%.

The over whelming majority of MCS accredited log boilers are gasification boilers due to the controlled burning leading to better emissions.