Training and Development

In between our daily workloads we have been busy developing our know how.

On Friday 4 of us will be training with Solar Focus in Oxfordshire as part of our installer partner relationship.

Next week Mark will be training with EDS to develop his knowledge of solar thermal systems.

Early in Feb Adrian will be trained to install solar pv systems.

Last week I was in Bulgaria with Sunsystem for the second time, and this time being trained on their biomass products.

This has meant that Renewable Living will be developing what it does. We do work closely with Green Phoenix and will now be installing solar thermal and solar pv products for them in this area.

Ecobuild was booked a little while ago and we are helping Sunsystem develop the UK market for their appliances. Solar thermal, Solar PV, accumulator tanks, wood pellet boilers and wood boilers. There will be a separate website that showcases what products will be available in the UK. Again working with Green Phoenix (see new products on their site) to provide the expertise around solar, we are enjoying a very busy period at the moment.

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