Wood Pellet Prices

Where can I buy wood pellets from? What are the Wood Pellet Prices? How are they delivered? Will we run out of wood pellets?

Wood pellet production is expanding in the UK. During 2011 there was debate about the governments selling off forests and woods. As wood pellets can be made as a bi-product of timber manufacture it makes more woods and forests commercially viable and attractive for investors. This is better for the woods and forests as they can be managed rather than left. It also encourages further areas of land to be planted.

As a guide wood pellets should be cheaper than oil by about 20% and often cheaper than gas.

For instance the Forestry Commission in August 2011 stated a guide price for wood pellets to be £190 per tonne. Their research suggests guide prices this summer/autumn to be:

Wood pellets 4p
Gas 4.8p
Oil 5.8p
LPG 7.4p

They are assuming that you will buy in “bulk”. However this does not mean 100’s of tonnes, but if you want a home delivery then you have to make it worth the drivers while to visit your house.

If you wanted to buy wood pellets (or indeed any other sort of fuel) from a garage or supermarket then you would expect to pay higher prices.

If you would like some help sourcing a wood pellet supply then do get in touch.