Wood Pellet Boiler Installation North Somerset | Case Study

Wood Pellet Boiler Installation, Somerset, UK


Installation Date: November 2012
Client: A family of four now looking forward to a warm Christmas and New Year.
Fuel Type: Wood Pellets
Heat Output: 14kW
Boiler: Extraflame LP14


Property is a 3 bedroom house located in the North Somerset countryside. The house was previously heated by a small uncontrolled back boiler (Coal fired) connected to a 250 Ltr Thermal Store; which never reached the desired temperatures, despite having Solar Thermal Collectors.

Our Solution – a Wood Pellet Boiler Installation

Heating at the property is now provided by a 14kW Extraflame Wood Pellet Boiler via the 250 litre Thermal Store in conjunction with their existing Solar Thermal system. The Thermal Store provides all the clients domestic hot water and central heating.

The Wood Pellets are supplied by a nearby company ensuring a very low carbon footprint and also helping the local economy.

The boiler is located in an outbuilding attached to the side of the house. Insulated pipes run from the Thermal Store inside the house down along the outside wall connecting directly to the boiler in the outbuilding.

Deliveries of pellets come in bags on pallets and are stored in a weather proof container which allows the owner to remove bags as and when required. There is ample room to store a few bags at a time inside the shed to save on journeys.

All design works, assembly and installation were carried out by Wood Pellet Solutions a division of Renewable Living Ltd

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Wood Pellet Boiler Installation

14kW Extraflame Wood Pellet Boiler

Special Note: It was decided to place the boiler in a new outside building (Shed) as there was very little room in the main house itself. It was also discussed that at a later date the property may be extended at which time the boiler would be located inside the new extension. The shed provides adequate protection against the elements and houses the boiler and pellets comfortably.

Wood Pellet Boiler Installation Somerset

Wood Pellet Boiler – External Location