Court Hill Centre Wood Pellet Boiler Opened

The Court Hill Centre wood pellet boiler was “opened” on 21 October 2011.

Court Hill Centre

The Therminator from Solarfocus now heats all of the converted barns onsite.

This replaces the oil boilers that were inefficient and the price of oil has risen considerably.

The Renewable Heat Incentive for organisations such as this gives a choice between expensive fuel with a high carbon footprint and cheaper fuel with a low carbon footprint.

The boiler has been located in one of the barns

Oxfordshire pellet boiler

Pellet boiler and fuel store

It heats the whole of the centre which is made from 5 converted barns.  The largest of which is a bunkhouse that sleeps 60 people.

Therminator wood pellet boiler from Solarfocus

Jim Dowling technical director of  Oxfordshire Renewables has managed the project and is delighted with the results.

In the above photo you can see the boiler, to the right there is the pellet feed from the fuel store, and rising out of the boiler there is the flue.

If you are interested in installing your own wood pellet boiler, and are interested in seeing the above installation do get in touch through the contact form on the right.