Germany’s Renewable Energy accounts of 25% of total, and 5.7% is Biomass

Germany is one of the world leaders when it comes to renewable energy, and roughly half of the solar panels in the world are in Germany. That’s quite a lot. With such a strong focus on renewable energy, Germany’s Renewable Energy supply are getting rid of nuclear, phasing out coal, and trying to reach 80% renewable energy by 2050. They’re even building a large off-shore wind farm to generate even more energy.

It’s safe to say, that Germany is leading the way for the rest of us. They understand that there’s a time limit on how long we can rely on the likes of coal, gas and nuclear, and are finding a way to move forward.

Germany’s renewable energy output has reached an all-time high, of 25%. One of these ways is by using biomass energy to effectively burn waste products, and then turning that energy into heat and electricity and powering the national grid.

What’s fascinating about this though is percentage of energy which comes from biomass. Currently, it’s 5.7% of Germany’s energy supply, which is just over one fifth of their renewable energy, which might not sound like much, but allow me to put that into context.

We’ve already established that Germany hosts roughly half of the world’s solar panels, but by comparison, they are providing only 5.3% of the national energy. So as it stands, Germany are seeing more power from biomass, than they are solar, which gets you thinking, what makes biomass so special?

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