Holiday Cottage biomass June 2013 offer

Holiday cottages, bed and breakfasts, small hotels are often run by small companies in the UK. We are making an offer to install a renewable boiler that can earn £80,000 (see below) and give you a top class video that can be used online to promote your business.

The Renewable Heat Incentive provided by the government is a way of investing in your property to reduce heating costs and provide a cash stream.

Suitable boilers are “biomass” which include wood pellet boilers, log or wood boilers, wood gasification boilers or wood chip boilers.

Here is how it could work:

A 50kW boiler could use 65700 kWhs of heat in one year.

The wood pellet cost could easily be less than £3000 per annum

The oil cost (at last years price) would be over £4000 per annum

This would provide a saving of £1000 per annum

The government incentive pays 8.6p per kWh and this could be £5650 per annum for 20 years or £113,000 in total

Typically projects are paid for between years 3 and 5 leaving the owner of the property with over £6000 per annum in extra income per year.

During June we have decided to make this offer even better by offering a video service that can be used to promote the quality of your holiday let, bed and breakfast or small hotel online. The video would be 3 minutes long  and would normally be worth at least £1000.

For an example of the video please see .

Why are we doing this?

Highlight Media are well known for producing videos for the UK holiday rental market and they have evidence that videos drive more customers to internet sites and help customers confirm their holiday destination.

Renewable Living Ltd has a long association with Highlight Media and it seems a sensible way for us to help customers both reduce their costs and improve revenue.

If you are interested please use the contact form on the side of the page or phone 01225 580 401.

This offer is open for any company confirming an order during June within our 90 mile radius of our base near Devizes. This would inlcude:

Worcestershire, Gloucestershire, Wiltshire, Bristol, Avon, Bath and North East Somerset, West Berkshire, Hampshire, Dorset and parts of Devon and Oxfordshire.

We are focusing on rural properties as these tend to have the available space for a biomass boiler and have room for deliveries. The incentive to get off LPG or oil is also high.

If you are interested please use the contact form on the side of the page or phone 01225 580 401.